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Electrical Panel Upgrades

As your trusted Tucson Electrician,

we are here to answer any questions that you may have..


Lets talk about Panel upgrades.


-You may have had a recent inspection done on your home if you are planning on selling it.

Looking to install a New Panel to support that brand new AC system

Upgrade from a 100amp to 200amp


Let us come out for a FREE Estimate and see if a service upgrade is actually something you need!


Don't be fooled by other electricians in Tucson.. 

ALWAYS get a second opinion!!


Remember to always call your trusted Tucson Electrician Burgess Electric LLC. (520) 289-2848

And you can always contact the other pros at https://www.tep.com

GFCI Receptacle

As your trusted Tucson Electrician, lets see if we can answer some questions you may have right here.


Lets talk about GFCI protection:

We get multiple phone calls with customers here in tucson telling us that there outside recepticals are not working. this we can usally fix over the phone or even right here.


Depending on the year your home was built, mostly in the 2000's you can find your Master GFCI receptical in your garage.

It will have a reset and trip button on it, just simply push the reset button and that should fix your issue.


If not you may need to replace the actual receptical itself, and if thats the case give your trusted Tucson Electrician a call

Burgess Electric LLC. at (520) 289-2848 Day or Night we have you covered 

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